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JM Restart Limited
JM Restart are an IT Support & Services company based in Ipswich, Suffolk. We provide our services to both business/commercial customers and residential/home customers in Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk, and London.
Suite D4 & D5,Whitehouse Distribution Centre,46 White House Rd
Ipswich, Suffolk
Phone: 01473527430

What do you need to know about JM Restart? Well if you need reliable IT services & support JM Restart are your answer. JM Restart provides a fresh reboot to your IT Solutions with professional and friendly customer service.

JM Restart: an IT services & support company. JM Restart have been trading since 13th March 2015. Delivering excellent customer service we are proud of. We achieve this by having technicians available around the clock to help keep you on track. Whether your IT problem occurs at home or in the office. JM Restart; always willing to help.

Why wouldn't you want to be equipped for any situation? Any further questions about us? Please don't hesitate to contact us.

JM Restart Partners

JM Restart partnered with some of the best brands in the IT industry to ensure that we can offer you the best support. Please see some of our partnerships below.

Companies House & VAT Registration

We are listed on Companies House where you can find more information about the company.

  • Company Number: 09488029
  • VAT Registration Number: 207 8357 00

Accepted Payment Methods

JM Restart accept the following payment methods:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Bank Transfer
  • JM Restart Limited accepts card payments with PayPal!
  • JM Restart Limited accepts PayPal

Draytek Re-seller Partners!

Draytek sell high quality routers, modems firewalls, network switches, and wireless access points. Suitable for both business and home environments! JM Restart are a Draytek Re-seller therefore allowing us to provide reliable and secure networks for all our customers.

Kaspersky Lab Partners!

Kaspersky Lab provide antivirus, internet security & parental control software and provide solutions for both home and business. JM Restart being a Kaspersky Lab partner allows us to help protect our customers from the latest malware, viruses and ransomeware.

Netgear Partners!

Netgear offer reliable networking equipment for both home users and businesses. Netgear offer reliable and cost effect routers, wireless access points, NAS (Network Area Storage) and a wide range of network switches that come with a lifetime warranty.

Trend Micro Partners!

Trend Micro offer IT security solutions for both home and business customers. At JM Restart we tend to use Trend Micro for our business customers. They offer affordable internet security, anti-virus and spam protection. Including protection from Ransomeware. If you don't have an onsite sever, don't worry! Trend Micro offer hosted cloud based solutions that are  ideal for small to medium sized businesses who don't use a server.

About Us
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About Us
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