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Install, Maintain or Upgrade your IT Infrastructure

At JM Restart we can maintain your existing IT infrastructure, provide upgrades or install a completely new IT system altogether. We understand that IT is vital to a business and we will work with you to ensure you have an easy to use, and reliable IT system that you are happy with and that we’re proud of.

To help tailor a solution to your business, make sure to book a free consultation with us. The main purpose of our free consultations is to analyse how your business operates. Regardless of whether you have an IT system in place or not, we aim to give you impartial advice on how to improve your IT infrastructure that will best benefit your business.

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Onsite or Hosted Systems

JM Restart supports both onsite and cloud/hosted systems. Both IT systems have their positives and negatives. Neither system is better than the other but some businesses may benefit from utilising one over the other. In some cases both systems can work together to provide a business with flexible functionality and reliability. Cloud computing is the latest buzz word and it is something a lot of people are excited about however there are still questions about what cloud solutions mean to their businesses.

See below to find out which of the two different categories of IT systems is best suited to your business.

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Onsite systems have been around longer than cloud based and are perhaps more common in the workplace. This isn't to say onsite IT systems are out of date. They are continuously evolving and improving and still offer some benefits over cloud based systems.

What does onsite mean to your business?:

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  • Onsite means the server or data is stored on your business premises.
  • Complete control over where and how your data is stored!
    Rather than the data being stored on a third party server somewhere, the data will be stored on your own server on your business premises.
  • Internet Connection not crucial
    PCs and workstations on the same premises as the server will not be affected by the speed of your business's internet connection. Even if you had no internet connection most, if not all, services would still function. Only remote workers would be affected by internet issues.
  • May require additional setup for remote users
    Most cloud/hosted IT systems are designed with the concept of working from anywhere in mind. Additional configuration may be requied to provide the same functionality with an onsite system.
  • Upgrades may involve one off costs
    If your business grows and you need your IT system to grow with you then this may involve one off costs to purchase new software, hardware or additional licenses. However where cloud/hosted systems are normally paid for on a subscription basis, once you have paid the one off costs of the onsite system upgrades your business can use them indefinitely.
  • More responsibility
    Your business will be responsible for maintenance and backups. However this does allow you to pick and chose who works on your IT system. Any IT support company should be able to monitor, support and maintain an onsite system, giving you plenty of options and flexibility.
  • More control
    An onsite system can be completely tailored to your business. Rather than being hosted by a third party company the equipment will belong to your business, giving you complete control over who maintains it, when and how.
  • Less ongoing costs
    Because you purchase the equipment required for the onsite system and it is stored on your business premises there are far less ongoing costs involved when compared to a hosted system.
  • More one off initial costs
    When purchasing a new IT system or upgrading an existing one, you may find that there are most one off costs when compared to a hosted/cloud-based system.

IT Infrastructure - Cloud Network - JM Restart Limited - IT Support and Services | Ipswich, SuffolkWe are aware that currently the term "Cloud" is the latest buzz word in the IT industry. More and more businesses are migrating to "the cloud" or a hosted solution. We can design and implement a hosted solution to suit your business and support you during and after the migration. Cloud solutions can be used along side an onsite system if you wish.

What does Cloud/Hosted mean to your business?:

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  • Cloud/Hosted means an internet based system.
    The data is stored on a server that isn't based in your office and is accessed through an internet connection.
  • Where is your data stored? Is it secure?
    You may need to consider where your data is stored for data protection and security purposes. JM Restart and Host Oven often work with UK based servers to ensure your data is protected.
  • A cloud based system requires a good quality internet connection.
    For a cloud based system, you may want to consider the quality of your internet connection as well as any download limits. If you have a slow or poor internet connection this may not be the best solution for you.
  • A cloud system may allow you to be more flexible.
    With a lot of cloud systems you can access the "cloud" from any modern device with an internet connection. This may allow your business to be more flexible and efficient.
  • Scalable and Affordable
    Often you can easily adapt hosted/cloud based services to match your company size or workload. As your company grows or changes so can your IT system.
  • Less responsibility
    Often cloud services are provided by a third party. Therefore if there is a problem with your service it is the third parties responsibility to resolve this problem and it is also often their responsibility to manage backups.
  • Less control
    Sometimes with a hosted solution some things can be out of your control and there may be some limitations on features.
  • Ongoing Costs
    Hosted solutions often come with a subscription fee that is either paid monthly or yearly. Whilst this might make the IT system more affordable in the short term, it will become less cost effective in the long run.
  • Less equipment to purchase and setup.
    As the service revolves around the "cloud", the initial cost can be considerably less.

Options for Small Businesses

JM Restart understands that whilst IT might be crucial and beneficial to your business you need a solution that both suits your needs and is financially viable. For smaller businesses, especially those that are relatively new, cost of IT is a huge factor to consider. But at JM Restart we aim to find a solution that is tailored around you and not to let IT dictate how your business operates. For us to fully understand how you would like to integrate an IT system into your business, take advantage of our Free Consultations.

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