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Your IT security matters to us at JM Restart! This is why we work with many security programmes to ensure your safety. Trend Micro, Malwarebytes Bitdefender, Bullguard are a few of the security vendors we work with. We will help to keep your IT systems secure, backed up and private.

JM Restart provide a wide range of broadband solutions and then offer ongoing onsite and remote support to ensure everything runs smoothly!

Free Anti-Virus vs Paid for Solutions

Many free anti-virus applications do not offer real time protection, meaning you will have to react to viruses when they could already be on your systems. With a paid for solution, you can guarantee that your devices and data are protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With tools like real time monitoring and active scanning, a paid for solution will keep you guarded from even the smallest threats.

Data Protection and Privacy

It is important that your confidential information remains protected and private. We can offer solutions and advice to help your data stay that way. With phishing and farming attacks becoming more and more popular and internet service providers monitoring your activity more closely it is important to stay informed and put measures in place to protect you.

We can also discuss the benefits of encryption and how it can keep your data safe on portable devices such as USB sticks, external hard drives, laptops and mobile phones.


What is the difference between

Antivirus Software and Internet Security Software?

Antivirus vs Internet Security

Many security software vendors offer multiple packages which often include a basic antivirus package and also an internet security package, but what's the difference?

Most software known as an Anti Virus product will just protect you from viruses. However, Internet Security software will guard you from this and much more! Please see a list of the extra features gained from using Internet Security software below:


Firewalls offer an extra layer of protection that assure your systems stay safe and uncompromised. An example of these Internet Security Packages are offered by both Trend and Kaspersky. These security packages provide you with a Software Firewall that will monitor network traffic coming in and going out from your PC.

We have also partnered up with Draytek to offer you Hardware Firewalls that will cover your entire network by filtering and stopping any unwanted traffic from reaching your devices.

For optimum network security, we highly recommend utilising both a software firewall and hardware firewall.

JM Restart have your best interests in mind!

Consequently we will see that you and your network are protected with only the industries leading distributors of security software and hardware.

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