Server Maintenance

At JM Restart we understand that maintaining a server can be a lot of work. Especially if you utilise it for file storage as well as email and print servers. As a central core to your IT Infrastructure, making sure software is updated and important data is backed up are merely scratching the surface to server maintenance. We offer various services for businesses from routine server health checks to setting up backup solutions, keeping your server reliable.

Server Maintenance Services

Our routine server health checks covers all bases and ensures your servers are healthy and your business runs smoothly at all times.

What do JM Restart server checks include?

  • Check free Space
  • Check for software updates
  • Check for Security Issues and viruses
    At JM Restart we are committed to finding a solution that suits you. As well as providing business ready anti-virus by Trend Micro and Kaspersky, we are also willing to support other brands of anti-virus. To find out more about our Trend Micro and Kaspersky packages and what additional features are included, click here.
  • Check hard drive and raid health
    Your data is essential to the running of your business. By checking your hard drive and raid health, we ensure that your server is running at a desired level for your business. In the worst case scenario, if a hard drive in your server needs replacing, JM Restart are on hand to provide enterprise level hardware.
  • Check resource usage
  • Check event log
  • Check backups
    Do you know if your last backup was successful? With JM Restart Limited's Server Health Check service, we will thoroughly check your backups. If they are failing, we will resolve the issue so that your backups are up and running as soon as possible.
  • Full report on issues found


Our Server Health Checks can vary from business to business. If you are interested in this service, please send us a message here.

Backing up your server on a regular basis is important. Not having a backup can increase down time as well as the time taken to repair your server. It could also mean that the data stored on the server might get lost or corrupted and will not be recoverable. Most Windows Server operating systems will have Windows Server Backup built in and for some businesses this may meet their requirements.

At JM Restart we recommend Symantec Backup Exec. Symantec Backup Exec provides businesses with a reliable, flexible and secure backup solution.

Windows Server Backup VS Symantec Backup Exec

  • Backup Storage Flexibility
    Windows Server Backup will only store the most recent backup of your server if you are backing up to network storage (NAS). As a result Windows Server Backup will only restore the most recent backup that was made. With Symantec Backup Exec, multiple backups can be made at different times, allowing for multiple restore points.
  • Mailbox backups
    Windows Server Backup does not support backups for individual mailboxes. If a user requires a mailbox restored, all user mailboxes will need to be restored to the same point, potentially losing recent emails across multiple mailboxes. With Symantec Backup Exec, individual mailboxes can be restored providing your business a more flexible email system.
  • Backup Encryption
    Without encryption your backups could be in danger of being stolen and your data accessed. Symantec Backup Exec backups have encryption built in, to give you and your business peace of mind. Windows Server Backup does not provide this functionality.
  • Email Reporting
    By providing an email alert when backups fail or are completed, Symantec Backup Exec will keep you completely informed of your backups. Windows Server Backup does not have Email Reporting built in and will have to be manually checked for any errors or failures.


Don't have a server but still need a backup solution for important workstations/desktop PCs? Symantec System Recovery is the answer for you.

If you would like a quote for any of our backup options or want advice on your backups please Contact Us for more information.

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