Cooling & Cleaning

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Heat is the enemy!

When your PC runs hot you run the risk of system crashes, thermal throttling (slowness). This heat can also shorten the life span of your devices and damage components. It causes fans to run fast causing annoying noise! Trust in JM Restart to get your devices running, quiet, fast and cool this summer! Get results from our reliable team!

High Quality Case Fans

We use, sell and install quiet high airflow case fans!

Great selection of CPU coolers!

We sell and fit a wide range of CPU coolers!

PC with great RGB cooling
Say no to noise!

With cooler running temperatures comes better speeds and a quieter device!

All In One Water Coolers!

We stock and fit a wide variety of all in one liquid coolers.


Custom built water cooling loops

We can build custom built water coooling loops to suit your needs and style!

Whether it's liquid, air or metal, JM Restart have all your cooling solutions!

We can professionally clean your devices so you don't have to!

We have all the right tools and chemicals to safely and effeciently clean your devices! Leave it in our safe hands!

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